Thursday, May 01, 2008

Uncommon Justice

In Udaipur, a 32-year-old hotel manager was sentenced on Wednesday to life imprisonment by a court here for raping a British journalist in December last year. Would he have got the same punishment if the victim was Indian or citizen of any country with least importance to India. I doubt so.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blogging Minister

I have not heard anyone in TN politics doing it. But Stalin has started it, his own website Http:\\ It is both in Tamil & English. He is writing his own blogs and getting viewers response. He is taking actions on viewers post. Good start. But there are still "Mugasthuthi" post from his party workers, if we can avoid it that would be good. For Stalin, it is a good start and I am eager to see how effectively it is being used.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hogenakkal? Burning Water

It is a wonderful place and I have been there in my final year trip. It is one of my favorite and memorable trip. To be exact I can say I simplied loved that place. It is Hogenakkal which means burning (or boiling) stone. Recent situation is also boiling out in Tamilnadu and Karnataka involving this place. I am not here to talk about whether it is part of TN or KA as I do not have much information about this. But there is a serious thought going out in TN to change it to Tamil name, all I wanted to say is please don't do that. First being Indian we have the right to name in any language, second having name in Kannada is a not problem here. Changing names may make Tamil people emotions happy but will not solve the original problem and can even make this tought times worse. Please leave it as Hogenakkal.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

69.9 to 6.99

I bought it few years back for 69.99 but now I get it for 6.99. Worst part is I hardly used it in the past years and started using it now. Should I have waited? It is my flashdrive.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Little Darling

Just like a guy proposed and waiting for his girl friend's response, I was waiting for my little darling. She is slim, elegant, beautiful though dark. I was trying to get her for past two month and only today she came to me. I touched her, it feels so good. I need more time to understand her.

PS: Thanks to Amex for rewarding her. :-)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Mal(l) Friends

"Neenga Tamil'a (are you tamil)" "Are you from India" " I am also from south india" "I love chennai". These words make you happy especially when you hear it in abroad. So many miles away from home, it is good to talk about home. But not in New Jersey, you may or may not know that NJ is a mini India. Think of a situation where someone ask you in chennai "Neenga Tamil'a". Samething applies in NJ when someone ask "Are you from India" because there are lot of indians over here. But still when I go to mall, I used to encounter a situation where someone ask me "are you Indian". Initially I was surprised, but thought the other guy just want to get friendly. With in seconds he gets your phone number. The problem starts from the week next, he will start calling with some business proposition about selling or buying a product, he will not leave you even if you are not interested. You know, I am very good at sales.. give me a superbowl ticket I will not be able to sell for next one year. You see my sales skill, I am really trying to get rid of such people nothing personally against them it is only such activities does not suit me. We usually meet such individual in Mall, my wife gets panic when somebody ask this question.
Today a guy asked me "Neenga Tamil'a". I started walking in the opposite direction pretending that I did not hear him.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Missed Chathurthi??

I took this in Flushing NY. Only missing item is to name new york streets after various cart streets.